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6/17/2009 The best of the best at the Diamond Midwest Invitational 6/17/2009

Luke Fitzgerald headlines the list of top performers at this years event. At 6-7 he had the versatility to shoot 3's with great accuracy, take it to the basket with consistency and demonstrated an excellent post up game. He averaged over 20 points and 7 rebounds per game. The 1st and 2nd Team selections are:

1st Team All-Diamond

Luke Fitzgerald (Team Quest Inc. player)

Courtney Davis  (Unsigned)

Ralph Martin  (Team Quest Inc. player)

Maurice Carter (Team Quest Inc. player)

Jonathan Griffin (Team Quest Inc. player)

Marcus Smallwood

2nd Team All-Diamond

Myles Mckay  (Unsigned)

Brandon Powell

JR. Morris

Donovan Mcmullen (Team Quest Inc. player)

Mike Kimbrough (Unsigned)

Marcus Bradford

Nate Linhart ( Represented my Steve Moeller)

Please go to the Players page and click on their name to read all about their measurements, athletic testing and camp stats. All of these players demonstrated great character and basketball ability. They will all be high level professional's next year.


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